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Shipping of Yacht from Shanghai to Singapore

Megaton assisted our client to ship their luxury yacht from Shanghai to Singapore. Megaton assisted the client to freight, customs clear and offloaded the yacht overside on water, bounded for the final destination at the marina.

Winches from Fremantle to Singapore

When our client called us for an urgent request, our first response was “Yes, we can help you!”. So, even on short notice, Megaton is happy and proud to assist in an arrangement for 2 x 40’ Flat Racks containing winches shipped from Fremantle to Singapore.

Heavy Lift to Alexandria

This was a shipment of 2 x 200 tons tug boat. The 2 tug boats were towed on barge from Singapore shipyard to Singapore’s anchorage, where the heavy lift vessel picked the 2 over-side tug boats with their heavy lift cranes onboard. The vessel set sailed for Alexandria thereafter a day’s work.

Heavy Lift to Dubai

We strengthened Singapore’s economic relationship with the UAE. Megaton being a forerunner participated in a project which shipped 1 x 130 tons Tug Boat to Dubai, UAE. The tug boat was barged to Pasir Panjang wharf and secured alongside the mother vessel. Using the vessel’s 200 tons crane facility, the tug was lifted, loaded and secured on to the hatch of the mother vessel. Within hours, the vessel departed smoothly and arrived safely in Dubai.

ASEM Meeting in Vientiane, Laos

Megaton was the shipping partner for the ASIA-EUROPE (ASEM) 9 SUMMIT held in Vientiane, Laos – 2012. Our role was to coordinate with multiple stakeholders in ensuring the smooth conveyance and return of conference equipment from various origins, both Europe and Asia. Teamwork, precision and timing were key to determine this uphill task being carried out successfully. We thank our client for entrusting us with this challenging but rewarding project.

Relocation of the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

The Tanjong Pagar Railway Station was managed by Malaysia’s operator – KTM which moved the railway station out of Singapore in 2011. Megaton was honoured to have undertaken such a renowned historical project. This project did not just involve the transportation of railway tracks, sleepers, artefacts and ornaments but also saw the relocation of over 100 KTM staff’s. The project must be credited to the efforts of our Malaysia office – Navegacion Shipping (Johor).

Out of Gauge Cargo from Singapore to Azerbaijan

This special project features a combination of sea-land transfer of shipment of fittings for the oil and gas industry, conveying from Singapore to Azerbaijan. Cargoes were Out of Gauge and hence, required to be placed on Flat Racks. The project requires multiple scope of works which included placing of cargoes onto the Flat Racks, lashing and securing, transportation from Singapore to Baku in Azerbaijan.

Shipments of Tractors

Tractor shipments are not unusual business for Megaton. With experienced professionals in handling heavy equipment, tractors were carefully loaded onto low beds, transported to port and thereafter loaded onto RORO vessels. This project saw much preparation work in the administration of customs and traffic police clearance, to ensure the project was carried out successfully. Our client has since trusted us with their heavy equipment conveyance.

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