Shipping Restrictions – Russian Federation

There are various shipping guidelines, standard prohibitions and restrictions to take note of when importing to Russia. All goods and documents imported to Russia must be subjected to customs clearance regardless of its value.

If goods are not subjected to special customs control measure and if the customs value* of goods do not exceed the equivalent of 200 EURO, the simplified customs clearance procedure can be applied.

However, if customs value* of goods exceed the equivalent of 200 EUR then individual customs clearance procedure must be applied. This includes goods for which customs require additional documentation or information even if the customs value* does not exceed the equivalent of 200 EUR.

*Customs value includes: value of the goods + transportation costs + other related expenses, if any (e.g. cargo insurance etc.).

Counterfeit Goods are strictly prohibited and will not be undertaken by Megaton. It is prohibited in many countries to import counterfeit goods and where applicable the Customs authority will seize the goods and importer will be subjected to a penalty.

Shipping Commodities

“Non-Document” commodities need to be accompanied by an invoice and, very frequently, additional customs documentation as well. You should contact your local advisor to clarify shipping requirements.

The following commodities are considered “Non-Document” commodities:

  • Banking Cards
  • Passport
  • Equipment
  • Spare Parts
  • Data Storage Devices (CD, SD Card)
  • Laptop
  • Mobile Phones, etc.