Pacific Gates Container Lines Limited (PGCL)

Megaton is the general agent for Pacific Gates Containers Lines Limited (PGCL), representing Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and India. PGCL offers container services into inland Russian destinations via Vladivostok and Vostochny. with weekly sailings from Singapore/ Malaysia/ Thailand/ Indonesia/ India, we are able to connect you to Russian inland destinations such as Moscow, Novosibirk, Irkutsk, Omsk, among others and vice versa.

PGCL container fleet consists of own and leased 20’ and 40’ standard dry and high cubes, thus making it unnecessary to transload cargoes within different containers once in Russia.

Export/Import transit times below amongst a few destinations, according to information provided by Trans Siberian Express Service:


  • to/from Mosco – 13 days
  • to/from Ekaterinburg – 12 days
  • to/from Novosibirsk – 12 days
  • t/from Irkutsk – 9 days
  • to/from Perm – 12 days
  • to/from Ulan-Ude – 9 days
  • to/from Sterlitamak – 13 days
  • to/from Nrasnoyarsk – 9 days
  • to/from Nizhiniy Novogorod – 13 days
  • to/from Arkhandgelsk – 14 days
  • to/from Rostov-on-Don – 17 days
  • to/from Chelyabinsk – 14 days
  • to/from Orenburg – 12 days

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