Megaton Shipping Private Limited, an international freight forwarder also widely recognised as one of the leading shipping companies in Singapore, was incorporated since 1991. With over 45 years of cumulative experience and having handled over a million shipping transactions, Megaton Shipping prides herself as the trusted and reliable professional logistics solutions provider for supply chain management.

As a trusted name among industry players, Megaton Shipping constantly builds its brand around Integrity and Professionalism. Our company is committed to take progressive approach to consistently innovate on new solutions and services that value add to our clients. In addition, Megaton Shipping believes in fostering strong relationships through conveyance of personal services, which also differentiate us from the market players.

Over many years of hard work and tenacity, Megaton Shipping established an exceptionally strong network of shipping agents/partners and global collaborators. This is one of our main pillars to ensure we can continue to thrive and grow in the logistics industry. Our success factor won us the recognition as one of the leading shipping companies in Singapore. Megaton Shipping makes sure that it continuously ventures and explores the international market, establishing reliable services and agents in different parts of the world. This allows Megaton Shipping to provide more comprehensive and reliable services to its clientele. It continues to expand overseas and innovates to stay relevant, bringing products and services closer to its clients and at their convenience.

Megaton Shipping is also a long-standing member of the Singapore Logistics Association.

Our Logo

Our logo symbolizes “Buoyancy”

– An attitude of positive disposition and the ability to float.

Corporate History

Our Company was incorporated in Singapore, in the year 1991, as a logistics private limited (PTE LTD) company. It was founded by our Managing Director, Mr. Danny Lim.


Mega-ton: A unit of explosive force equal to that of one million metric tons of TNT


The name MEGATON was birthed from Mr. Danny Lim’s vision to be the trailblazer creating impact and influence as that of the explosive force of ‘mega-ton’ within the local logistics and shipping industry.

In the late 1960s, Mr. Danny Lim a hardworking young man crafted his first career in a small shipping firm. Over the years, he developed the passion to help businesses connect globally. Logistics became the work of his life. Through many connections that he built, he was then given an opportunity to work with a Russian shipping conglomerate for the next 20 years.

Mr. Danny Lim, saw the opportunity in Singapore’s economic growth, he foresaw logistics service as a thriving and sustainable business to stay for a long haul. He first started the company with a humble beginning of only 1 hired staff and a tight 9 sqm. rented work station office. Equipped with strong Russian shipping knowledge and past precious business experiences, Mr. Danny Lim re-established Russian contacts to build up on Megaton’s Russian expertise. Megaton Shipping now pride herself as the local logistics expert for handling the Russian market.

Today, MEGATON Shipping is a diversified team of over 50 staff, 4 offices regionally and a global network of over 60 cities and representation. We vision to be the market leader through global network expansion and improved product lines, promising a better experience to our valued loyal customers.